Brookline Book News: April 2024

April showers bring more than flowers, such as providing the best excuse to have a rainy ready day this month!

Welcome to Brookline Book News, the April edition where we showcase the next forthcoming book from Brookline, a sneak preview of K. A. Nelson’s Killing Shore, and a run down of events where you can meet our stellar local authors!

A Hard-Fought Victory at Monmouth

Learn how Washington secured victory from the British at Monmouth from the people who were there.

Perceptions of Battle provides a new perspective on the Battle of Monmouth from the first-person accounts of those who took part in the battle.

After spending a difficult winter at Valley Forge, George Washington led the Continental Army in pursuit of the British Army moving from Philadelphia to New York City. On June 28, 1778, the army caught up with the British and defeated them at Monmouth Court House.

Washington’s success solidified his position as the face of the Revolutionary effort. While the Congress was often ineffectual or even nonexistent, Washington and his army became the symbol of the Revolution.

J. R. Dacus has compiled the perspectives of the soldiers who were there that day in order to better understand the impact this victory had on American morale. You can secure your copy today for 25% off using offer code 25WASH when you order through Brookline Books. This preorder offer ends May 14th after the book goes on sale everywhere!

Sneak a Peek of Killing Shore

Have you secured your copy of New Jersey’s WWII history and K. A. Nelson’s debut work, Killing Shore? If you’re the type to try before you buy, then you’re in luck! Check out the sample available online to read the first few pages of Killing Shore.

Perceptions of Battle

George Washington’s Victory at Monmouth

Jeff Dacus

A towering figure on a white horse, George Washington led his Continental Army to victory over the British Army in the longest battle of the Revolutionary War on June 28, 1778. This is that story, told by the people who experienced it.




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