Brookline Book News: February 2024

February is a jam-packed month for spotlighting rich history and sharing time with people you love, but we here at Brookline figured since there’s an extra day this month, why not spend this Leap Day reading up on local history? Make sure you didn’t miss out on any of our books published this past year!

As for the featured book this month, it’s another local delight, focusing on a neglect piece of Darby backyard history, with an artful spin…

Uncover Those Forgotten Darby Summers…

“This book is for anyone who is interested in American art, but it is especially meant for my fellow townspeople.”

— Mark W. Sullivan

The Darby School of Art tells the story of an almost completely forgotten summer art school that flourished first in Darby, PA, and then in Fort Washington, PA, between the years 1898 and 1918.

This first full-length account of the Darby School of Art overturns Philadelphia’s long-held unwarranted reputation and demonstrates that our area was a hub of avant-garde painting in the early twentieth century.