Brookline Book News: October 2023

Have you set out your skeletons and cobwebs yet? Gotten your costume all in order? This month’s Brookline Book News is simply bursting at the seams with goodies, just for you, dear reader. We’ve decorated our October with ghoulish events and new books that are sure to be a frightful delight this Halloween season.

Read on to learn about a missing millionaire fortune, the coffin ships that sailed into Philadelphia’s port, how a sixty year cold case was solved using forensic genealogy, and more as we uncover the mysteries perhaps lurking within your very own backyard…

“…the perfect book to keep you up all night.”

— Philadelphia Magazine on Dark History Vol. I

A perfectly chilling read for the season, the follow-up volume to Jenn Green’s inaugural Dark History provides readers a further look into the macabre history of Southeastern Pennsylvania, offering eight more true tales of the disasters, unusual deaths, and tragedies that have haunted this region.

Available for purchase through Brookline Books and wherever fine books are sold, Dark History of Penn’s Woods Vol. 2 is officially out October 19th! Each chapter has been meticulously researched, delving into lesser-known histories from a catastrophic fire that took the lives of nine ballerinas to the odd events surrounding a Pennsylvania businessman who appeared in ghostly form on a busy street the day before he died…

Local Historian & West Chester University Alum

Jenn graduated from University of Delaware with majors in anthropology and history, and earned her Master’s degree in American History at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She is currently the Director of Education at Chester County History Center, and is Brookline Books’ own commissioning editor!