Brookline Book News: August 2023

Welcome to Brookline Books’ first ever Book News! This is where we get to share exciting updates and publication news, as well as let you know all about upcoming events and books to look out for.

Another important aim of these updates is to introduce you to the local authors behind each book. Without our authors, we wouldn’t have any historic stories to share with you!

A Tragic & True Civil War Journey…

“You’ll be enthralled… living through America’s greatest tragedy, her damnable Civil War…”

— ARGunners

One of our first books we have to offer you is the story of Charley King, a short biography of the youngest soldier to die in the Civil War, who enlisted at age 12 as a drummer boy for the 9th Regiment, Company F from West Chester, PA.

Suitable for younger readers through middle school grades and up.

Meet the Author!

A West Chester native himself, Brendan Lyons was inspired by Charley’s heroism when he was just a Boy Scout in Troop 51. So much so that for his Eagle Scout project, Brendan fundraised, designed, and prepared the grounds to dedicate a monument to Charley that can be visited today at Greenmount Cemetery in West Chester. Read all about it in Brendan’s guest post over on our blog!