Leaping into 2024

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A fascinating insight into 18th-century cook Ann Cook's vitriolic lambasting of a bestselling cookbook “The Art of Cookery” by Hannah Glasse.
The Bergdolls were a German American family who grew wealthy from their Philadelphia beer brewing company in the late nineteenth century.
The story of the youngest enlisted soldier to die during the American Civil War.
This first full-length account of the Darby School of Art overturns Philadelphia’s long-held unwarranted reputation and demonstrates that Philadelphia was a hub of avant-garde painting in the early...
“Dark History of Penn’s Woods is the perfect book to keep you up all night… It’s ghostly, it’s ghastly, and we guarantee some of the included photos will stay with you!” — Philly MagWhen...
Eight chilling stories of crime, disaster and unusual deaths from southeastern Pennsylvania.