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An Evening Among Headhunters 

& Other Reports from Roads Less Taken 

by Lawrence Millman  Spring 1998 
ISBN 1-57129-055-9 $15.95 sc 

Lawrence Millman has an unusual penchant for traveling to the farflung corners of the globe, places where you and I might never dream of going. In this stylish, erudite, often extremely funny collection of essays, the celebrated travel writer visits the islands of the South Pacific, the Canadian Arctic, the largest unknown island in North America, and the only community in the eastern U.S. not connected to anywhere else by a road. He drinks the Tongan home brew of kava ("like a blend of liquefied mud and muddy rainwater, with a dollop of dental anaesthesia thrown in for good measure"); he gets bitten by "war ticks" in Honduras ("I couldn't write in my journal unless I paused every few seconds to itch an ankle, an armpit, or a flank"); he visits the wettest island in the world; he is invited by a hospitable Inuit family to dine on raw seal eye (it "met my gaze with a distinctly unhappy gaze of its own"); and he has a very personal part of his anatomy mocked by Ecuador's Jivaro Indians. 

Wherever this Pied Piper of remote places goes, you are sure to be entertained by his surprising encounters and rhapsodic, wry, opinionated observations. So join him in this remarkable odyssey to the ends of the earth. You will learn why, in the words of one reviewer, "Millman has emerged as one of the best writers in the travel genre since the death of Bruce Chatwin." 

Lawrence Millman has written for Islands, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and numerous other publications. Among his many books are Last Places, Our Like Will Not Be There Again, and A Kayak Full of Ghosts. 

An Evening Among Headhunters 
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